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  •     Founded 5 May 1926
  •     in Luxembourg for over 50 ans
  •     3000 membres worldwide
  •     12000 salons worldwide including 15 in Luxembourg
  •     about 20 million customers per month

The brand "Intercoiffure" is not only a premium label for high quality hairdressing but "Intercoiffure" is an ambassador for beauty as much as for moral and ethical values. Thereby, "Intercoiffure" is synonymous with charitable actions in favour of charitable social organisations.


The concept behind the star logo

  • assemble the best international hairdressers with great experience of fashion trends to transmit their knowledge while respecting moral values
  • develop a strong friendship and bond between the largest hairdressing salons around the world to promote and develop every aspect of the profession
  • open the doors to the coming generations, realise and protect works of  art as president Léon Seilaz said:

« To ensure the progression of our profession and art, there is no space for nationalism or politics. »


The star symbolises :

  • the 5 continents
  • the human body (head / hands / feet)
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